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Malas for sale.

The mala (a garland of 108 beads) is a wonderful tool for organizing and grounding your stillness practice. After several years hiatus, I am once again making and selling high quality malas.  I have made several improvements in their construction.  As before all beads are separated by a knot to ensure steadiness and predictability of grip and to minimize wear and tear on the cord. I have, however, begun using a cord that is twice as thick, thereby greatly reducing the need for re-stringing.  My current malas all have wooden beads (Ebony, Sandalwood, and Thuja) which make for a lightweight, more durable mala with a softer, warmer touch and the opportunity for a patina that becomes more beautiful with use.  (Available in both 6mm and 8 mm beads.)

All meru beads are now of Black Walnut that I hand carve from small branches pruned from local trees.

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