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The Sankalpa Counter is a handheld abacus specially designed for those wishing to extend the mala's capacity for counting and recording repetitions of breath or mantra.  It maintains a durable record of up to 10,000 mala rounds.  It is easy use with tactile features that make its manipulation and reading possible without looking at it.  The counter in the above photo records 1,000 in the far right strand, 800 in the next to left, 80 in the next, and 3 in the far left strand for a total of 1,883 mala rounds.  Additional information on the use of a counter see the Short Writings" page of

Counters are hand made with a variety of wooden beads, an aspen body, and stout cord.   They are sold with instructions, lanyard, and a cloth bag for carrying the counter.  Price:  $25.00.

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​Mala Counters for Sale

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Malas for sale

The mala (a garland of 108 beads) is a wonderful tool for organizing and grounding your stillness practice. After several years hiatus, I am once again making and selling high quality malas.  I have made several improvements in their construction.  As before all beads are separated by a knot to ensure steadiness and predictability of grip and to minimize wear and tear on the cord. I have, however, begun using a cord that is twice as thick, thereby greatly reducing the need for re-stringing.  Most of my current malas have wooden beads (Ebony, Sandalwood, and Thuja) which make for a lightweight, more durable mala with a softer, warmer touch and the opportunity for a patina that becomes more beautiful with use.  I also continue to use gemstone beads and will custom make choices not in stock.  (Available in both 6mm and 8 mm beads.)

All meru beads are now of Black Walnut that I hand carve from small branches pruned from local trees.

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